With an extensive selection of Italian wines, you can truly have the best that Italy has to offer here at Fraticelli's.

about us

Fraticelli's Italian Grill is driven by one simple principle... create a great Italian impression. Or as the Italians often say... "fare una bella figura".Grazie mille!


What better impression to make than with food. The Fraticelli's passion for Italian food originates from the delicious recipes of Nonna Fraticelli.

At Fraticelli's we are obsessed with Italian food. Like our 13 provinces and territories, Italy has 20 wonderful regions, each one more adamant than the other that they have the best food in the country. Our menu at Fraticelli's is to serve you the best of the best from these wonderful regions. Our steaks are cooked over a high heat wood fire grill made famous in Tuscany. Our pastas are fresh and our sauces are homemade ranging from the classic northern dish Pappardelle Bolognese to the southern Sicilian style seafood pasta, Spaghetti Pescatore. The pizzas are served Napoletana style, thin crust and stone baked at 750 degrees. All made with the freshest ingredients available, authenticated with imported Italian plum tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, and the best grated cheeses.

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